Monday, June 7, 2010

Those That Place Money Before All Else

I live in Cincinnati and we don't have pelicans in Cincinnati, but it hurts me to see these beautiful birds covered in oil.

The Federal Government of the United States has failed its people and there is good reason why so many people believe that the Federal Government does not work.

The Federal Government, including the Congress have been corrupt, are corrupt and will continue to remain corrupt until big money is taken out of the election process. The Government of the United States is for sale to the highest bidder.

To read Sunday's New York Times front page article about who was in charge in the Gulf of Mexico on the oil drilling rig that lead to the oil spill disaster, is in a nut shell what is wrong with Washington and the lousy way in which the people of this country are protected from corporate greed.

The political philosophy that industries can be counted upon to regulate themselves is a fiction, a myth, and a lie. A lie pushed by a group whose agenda is to wring money for campaigns for re-election.

People in America will have to get a lot smarter and stop swallowing all the crap about regulations, accountability and enforcement not being good for the country's economy. Ask how good is this oil spill for the economy of this country?

After reading the complete article, I don't have a lot of hope for change to come to the way the federal agencies enforce their own regulations, much less update those regulations to account for changes in the technology in offshore drilling. Where greater care is needed, the federal agencies in charge are out to lunch. The whole issue of accountability is so far from what those of us that think we know what accountability means, that it might as well be a cartoon or a comedic farce.

We are a big country, and that bigness is a factor that keeps us from zeroing in on those that would destroy our country, its lands and waters, for a few dollars more. Corporations buy politicians and politicians let the agencies exist in a comatose state to the need for regulations to be enforced. This oil spill, like the disaster on Wall Street, are connected at the hip. And, that hip is the government of the United States, its corrupt Congress and its corrupt Supreme Court that places money before all else.

Stay tuned.


Robert said...

A lot of ordinary people thought deregulation politics was a pathway to a more robust and booming economy. Enough ordinary folks profited, for a while at least, to keep the concept voted in.

It seems like quality of life requires more balance. A boom isn't necessarily better than a slower stable economy; especially since it's usually followed with a bust.

There are other joys in life besides making more money, like living in a healthier environment. Other joys like interacting with people in more ways than just as producers and consumers, for instance taking time for thoughtful conversation.

There's an old saying that goes, "talk is cheap," but as underrated as it is, communicating with friends, family and even strangers makes a big difference in the various human relationships we have.

moneythoughts said...

Well said Robert! There is more to life than more money. But, that seems to be an idea shared only by a very few.

Jientje said...

Greed is what destroys this planet and human kind. And I'm afraid it's a universal thing.

Robin said...

Hear hear.

PS Love the t-shirt idea :).

Joanne Licsko said...

Vote out incumbents.