Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Morning & My Military Service

Lately there has been a lot of discussion on TV news programs about men that say they served in Vietnam, and are running for elective office. I just want to add my 2 cents. First, I am not running for elective office. I am enjoying my life as an artist, painter, blogger and sometime golfer. Not that playing golf and holding elective office are incompatible, but the last time I played golf on someone else's nickel it cost me several more nickels in restitution and a fine. So, the thrill of holding elective office for me is not in my vocabulary of emotions. The second point about serving in Vietnam, I would like to set the record straight here too. I was in the US Army and I did serve in one foreign country, Korea. I did not serve in Vietnam, nor did I ever even come close to serving there. I did serve with the 2nd Infantry Division north of the Imjin River with a training school for about 6 months (October to April) called Advanced Combat Training Academy or Imjin Scouts. We all slept in tents with heaters during the winter of 1965-66. That was a chilly experience. In April, 1966, I went to 8th US Army Headquarters where I worked for the Staff Historian of 8th Army. That was also TDY (temporary duty) until it was made my permanent assignment. I enjoyed living in Seoul and preferred it to living just a few hundred yards from the DMZ and having to listen to the North Korean music that they played in the evenings over loudspeakers. Seoul 44 years ago was an interesting place to be and I visited their art museum several times. So, I hope this sets the record straight.

Stay tuned.

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