Monday, June 21, 2010

How Stupid Are We? A Personal View

I know it is not nice to say there are a lot of stupid people in this country, but the Republican Party to a certain extent proves my argument. The big question for me is whether those stupid people will go and vote in November, or, whether they will be just too stupid to bother to go and vote.

If you listen to some of the Republicans in Congress, you have to wonder: 1) do they really believe what they say, or 2) they don't really believe it, but know that the people that listen to them are too stupid to see the stupidity of what they are saying. It seems to me that with the exception of a very few Republicans, those holding state office like a governorship, that the Republican office holders will say anything so long it is dead opposite of what the Democrats are saying. I am waiting for one of these Republicans in Congress to say we don't need to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf. John Boehner, the minority leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, said a little while ago that the taxpayers should pay for the BP clean up. Evidently that didn't go over very well even with the few Republicans with an IQ greater than 100.

So, this November, 2010, the IQ of the nation will be tested, and that test will determine where we are as a nation and just how stupid we are as a nation. Can politicians say any foolish or stupid thing and get away with it, or, are Americans not nearly as stupid as their diet of TV would indicate.

Stay tuned.


winslow said...

What has me worried is I agree the Republicans have terrible leadership (but it appears that is what they want) but more importantly, the Democrats have made many blatant mistakes when they could have demonstrated leadership. I think we have to agree our government and business leadership in this country is abysmal. I just read last week where most of the business CEO's and other management ranks are earning millions and multimillions. And I don't think they are investing these proceeds in the future of this country.

Cloudia said...

they are bamboozled by experts!

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moneythoughts said...

Winslow, I agree with you again. The Dems at several times have shown an ability to be just as stupid or crooked as the Republicans in Congress. I am not looking for everyone to be a Dem as that is no good either. But, I would like to see more Republicans like Haley Barbour Governor of Mississippi. Jesus, did I just write that? I saw him Sunday on Meet The Press and I was impressed with him. Don't know this man, yet he appears to be a straight shooter!

Julie Schuler said...

I just watched Gasland last night. How stupid are we? Right around the time we were realizing there is not enough drinkable water for everyone on earth, we decided to pump neurotoxins and carcinogens directly into the water table in this country.