Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Is For Art & A Postage Stamp

With the oil spill in the gulf, I thought I would put up a painting I did in 1991 about oil. If you read from top to bottom, the postage stamp reads: UNITED STATES - HOSTAGE - 1973-1991 - ENERGY POLICY. The painting is done in oil paint on paper. The paper is prepared with a coat of gesso front and back so the oil paint will not rot the paper fibers. For a long time I have thought about turning this piece into a silk screen print and taking the image and turning it into four stamps connected as in a plate block. My artist friend Sam has introduced me to the silk screen printer I would use. Now all I have to do is have the image photographed and the file placed on a disc. I thought black for oil would work, but U.S. stamps that are 5 cents are traditionally printed in blue. Perhaps, I could do a series in black and another in blue.

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