Sunday, October 30, 2011

60 Minutes Tonight I Will Not Watch

Today 60 Minutes that airs on CBS will have as one of its subjects an interview with Madoff's wife and son. I will not watch 60 Minutes this Sunday and this is why.

My personal opinion is that it is a joke to give Bernie Madoff a 150 year prison sentence. In my opinion, Bernie Madoff should have been executed for what he did. Interviews with Bernie Madoff, his wife and his son are not worth my time. This man ruined hundreds and perhaps thousands of lives by destroying their financial security. In today's world that is like giving someone a death sentence. To glorify this man Bernie Madoff is sick TV reporting. He is a criminal and deserves to be treated like the criminal that he is. Parading him on TV , or his family members, as if they are celebrities makes the wrong statement in my opinion. And, it is because the media continues to hold him up to the public as someone of interest that I believe he should have been executed for destroying the lives of so many. Madoff brags how well he is treated in prison and even has the nerve to say he is safer in prison than on the streets of New York City.

People like Madoff will continue to destroy peoples' financial lives and security as long as they know they don't have to pay with their life. Once our society analyzes the problem and comes to the conclusion that behavior like Madoff's can not be tolerated in our society, perhaps then a fitting punishment will be handed out. For Bernie Madoff to live the rest of his life at the expense of the society he devastated is hardly, in my mind, the right punishment.

So, while I usually watch 60 Minutes and have enjoyed their stories over the many years, I will not watch this program tonight. And, that is my opinion.


Butch said...

I watched it found it interesting. I can understand your feelings and I pretty much had the same opinion, however, I learned a few things. The fact that the son turned his father in is one. His older son committed suicide with his 2yr. old in the next room because of what his father did and his shame. As for Ruth, the wife, she was a lady that had everything given or done for her and didn't know how to deal with it in the beginning. Not sure she does now. I am surprise as to how much money she was allowed to keep, 2 million but since he was convicted she won't be eligible to ride off on his medicare or SS. She didn't not work enough to have her own.

Yes it is sad but no matter how we feel about what someone did we should not stop that from us listening and learning. He's a little man now and in time he will be like Manson, forgotten about.

moneythoughts said...

Butch, I watched it too. I was making myself something to heat and turned on the TV in the kitchen and listened and watched. My problem is the media making him a celebrity. His wife has no brain. She just thought all that money came from Bernie's hard work. But, the thing to remember is that Bernie could not do this by himself. As I wrote years ago when the story first broke, "it took more than one pair of hands to do this." There were others involved. Marketers that brought money to him to invest. The SEC had their collective heads up their collective ass when it came to Bernie Madoff!!!!!

Butch said...

Yep, Ruth is pretty much a ditz. The fact that the sole servicing son is being sued for over 60 miliion says there are others that feel like you do. I, however, don't think all this young mans fortunes are Bernie's. I do believe that if they can prove something was bought and paid for out of ponzie funds then it should be confiscated, sold and disperessed accordingly. Just my opinion.

I will never forget the people I saw in the media that lost everything. The 90 something yr. old guy that sold his business, split the proceeds with his employees and had to go back to work as a greeter in a small grocery store for less than minimum wage. Executing Bernie would be too gentle. He needs to be with the real bad asses that are horny.

winslow said...

You are completely correct. Why we parade criminals into the limelight is ridiculous. What a weird society we have created.

My theory on criminals, including the ones not convicted yet..ala Wall Street and corporate titans, is to confiscate all their wealth and use it to pay off the nation's debt.