Friday, October 14, 2011

Obama As Superman: Why Not?

This is Saturday's post. I am posting it on Friday since I might not remember to do it on Saturday. That doesn't have to make any sense because there are so many things today that don't make any sense that one more will not hurt anything.

"Obama As Superman: Why Not?" is just another piece of my political satire. The Superman comic book cover is from a 1942 issue No. 24. It is my opinion that everyone expects for this one man to turn our economy around in a very short time even though it took years for the bubble to burst. The mess that President Obama inherited can not be fixed in just a few short years. But, people for whatever reason will blame him for the mess we find ourselves after the financial system was given free reign for years. Even a black Superman can not fix our economy as fast as everyone would like. The economy must first process lots of waste before it can get moving towards full employment again.

This painting is not completed. I have a few more things to finish before it is done.

Obama As Superman, acrylic on canvas board, by F.D. Zigler 2011


LceeL said...

That's a great piece, Fred. I love it.

winslow said...

What is your opinion of the following:

With all the talk about "socialism" vs "capitalism" (which I believe are meaningless) and with Republicans pushing lower overall tax rates, aren't items such as business tax writeoffs for "business meals!", depreciation, plus thousands of other deductions....aren't these really being subsidized by the taxpayer? Where is the fairness in this?

moneythoughts said...

Absolutely! Have you ever heard the term "corporate welfare"? Taxes must be fair across the board, but when it comes to corporations, loop holes are the result of effective lobbying. The 99% don't have the money or the muscle to level the playing field, and as a result corporations and the very wealthy get many benefits that most of us can not make use of.

moneythoughts said...

Thanks Lou. I thought the idea was worth a try. I did my best with Obama's facial features, but I am no Rembrandt! : )