Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cincinnati: Comes From The Roman General Cincinnatus, But Our Roads Are Not Roman Roads

Since so many people are protesting, I thought I would put in my 2 cents about the condition of the roads in Cincinnati. Perhaps I just drive on all the wrong roads! But the roads I drive on, their surfaces are just plain crap. Holes and uncalled for speed bumps make up so much of the surface, I wonder why anyone with a choice would want to locate in Cincinnati for a business. And, the expressways I-75 & I-71 are no better. Have you ever driven into Detroit from the south on I-75? Wow! Is that a nice concrete drive or what? Take a drive downtown on I-75 or I-71 and it is almost Third World. I drive Montana Avenue to go the YMCA on Montana & Cheviot Avenues and the surface of Montana Avenue is a mess. They fix things under the road, but when it comes to putting down a decent surface, it seems the technology has been lost. I sure hope someone is making some good money doing our roads because they don't deserve what they are being paid. How about some quality workmanship? Damn, the Romans made better roads 2,000 years ago!

Stay tuned.

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