Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Painted: The Economy Can Wait

I started another painting yesterday. Another two foot by two foot 3/4 inch plywood piece. Since I really felt like getting this painting under way today, I did not write my usual Moneythoughts blog. From the names I have seen thrown around on MSNBC for positions in the Obama administration, I think Obama gets it. The guys Obama is likely to go with are all pros and have first-class minds and experience. The one name I have not heard mentioned yet, that I would like Obama's staff to get around to, is Arthur Levitt. Arthur Levitt is a former head of the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commision). Whether he would take on that position again, I do not know, but it would not hurt to ask him. He is a first-class human being and, I think, Obama's people need to give him a call. I am back to painting tomorrow, I like this piece and want to flesh it out.

Stay tuned.

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