Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Morning in the Queen City

The Ohio State University football team beat the University of Michigan Saturday afternoon in Columbus 42-7. The score was so bad, Washington is considering a bailout for Ann Arbor along with Detroit. That win made it five in a row over UM and next year the Bucks go up there and play.

The University of Cincinnati beat Pittsburgh in Cincinnati last night 28-21. The Bearcats football team this year beat West Virginia, Lousiville and now Pittsburgh. I guess they can start saying good bye to their football coach as I think his won-lost record at UC has earned him a ticket out of here.

Cincinnati is in the unique position of having a major league (Big East) college football team and a less than minor league professional football team, the Bengals. I guess we should be thankful that Mike Brown isn't the City Manager of Cincinnati, things could be worse.


LceeL said...

It's a good thing you've got Ohio State. I'm just sayin'.

winslow said...

I saw the game. Did Michigan not arrive in time for the start of the game?