Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Morning in the Queen City

The University of Cincinnati has won the Big East Football Championship. They won it after Pitt beat West Virginia on Friday, but UC beat Syracuse on Saturday afternoon at Nippert Stadium 30-10. UC will receive a BCS Bowl bid. It is hard for me to believe that UC might be playing in the Orange Bowl. When I went to UC from 1960-64, UC was in the Missouri Valley Conference. This was a great basketball conference and we all got to see some great basketball in those days. But, now UC has put its energy behind its football program and the results are plain to see. The interesting thing will be whether they can hold on to their football coach after he has had such a great year. There are always big college football programs that need a good head coach.

The Cincinnati Bengals "play" the Baltimore Ravens this afternoon at Paul Brown Stadium. It is nice to have a winning college football team in the absence of a decent professional football team. Our professional football team is not run by its owner to win, in my opinion, or for that matter, in the opinion of a few thousand more fans here in the Queen City. We don't have a professional basketball team to take our minds off the Bengal's poor play. However, Xavier University produces some good college basketball if you are into college basketball. As for waiting for spring for the Reds to get going, that is still a few months away. The longest three months of the year are January, February and March. Once we get through them, it will be time for professional baseball. Hopefully, the Reds can do what the Tampa Bay Rays did this past season.


moneythoughts said...

Q. Why are the Cincinnati Bengals considered a professional football team?

A. Because they are in the NFL, not because Mike Brown is interested in paying key players market salaries to win football games.

Q. Why does anyone waste their money on Cincinnati Bengal season tickets?

A. Because Mike Brown is smarter than all the marks that buy season tickets.

LceeL said...

What you really need is an XM radio so you can listen to hte "Hot Stove League" and all the other baseball stuff on channel 175, "Home Plate". All baseball. All the time.

And I'm sorry, but CUBS Rule!!

moneythoughts said...

Hey, I would be happy to see the Cubs win a penant or even the World Series. We all need some new names in the lime light.