Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday is For SKI CINCINNATI T-shirt Art

In the early 1980's, I designed a t-shirt that I refer to as my SKI CINCINNATI t-shirt. I and my wife sold these t-shirts to gift shops around the city, but mostly downtown where I worked. I was the sales guy and my wife ordered the shirts from our silk screen printer. In 1982, I came up with a t-shirt design for a local ice cream company and we sold them that t-shirt for a few years. Since I have retired, I have been selling the SKI CINCINNATI tshirt again to a few gift shops. They come in short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts and sizes range from small adult to 2XL. For your shopping convenience, I have listed the places where SKI CINCINNATI t-shirts are available this Holiday Season.

Contemporary Arts Center Gift Shop 6th & Walnut Sts. Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati Art Museum Gift Shop Eden Park Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati Museum Center Gift Shop Union Terminal (the old train station) Cincinnati, OH

Good Sam Hospital Gift Shop Clifton Avenue Cincinnati, OH

Benchmark Outdoor Outfitters Kenwood Rd Blue Ash, OH

Cincinnati Galleries Kenwood Mall Cincinnati, OH

Those not from Cincinnati might wonder, Can you really ski in Cincinnati? No, you can't ski in Cincinnati unless we have a big snow storm. The mounts in the t-shirt are neighborhoods and parks in Cincinnati. This is just humor. Those of you who are not in the Greater Cincinnati area and are interested in buying a SKI CINCINNATI t-shirt can buy them on-line at the Contemporary Arts Center web site.

I just want to let all my readers know that I am doing my part to help the economy. All my t-shirts are purchased in Cincinnati and they are silk screened in Cincinnati as well. This is a Cincinnati production.


Robert said...

I passed a ski area in Ohio on one of my bike tours across USA. A small hill along Highway 6, I think between Cleveland and Meadville, PA. It even had a lift.

moneythoughts said...

Yes Robert, there is skiing on Northern Ohio.

Butch said...

We have several ski shops in the Dayton area, mostly water, but a couple of snow type. The people use to go to Spring Valley just southeast of Dayton. Now they go to Bellfountain, the highest point in Ohio.

Good luck with sales.

Rachael said...

Originally from Cincinnati, I recently saw a Ski Cincinnati t-shirt in Colorado! If you decide to make Ski Cincinnati bumper stickers I will buy them.