Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday is For Art

Last Saturday I posted a piece I made from cardboard and cereal boxes. Several photos were posted showing the development of the project from beginning to end.

Today I am posting three paintings that are far enough along to post.

The first painting is of the face of a tank watch. Expensive tank watches with their black Roman numerals were very popular on Wall Street among the men and women that referred to themselves as "Masters of the Universe." This term as you can see denoted the elevated position in which they thought of themselves before many were humbled by the current financial crisis. Because I am an old bond guy, I included in this piece the names of two former brokerage firms, known once for their "expertise" in bonds, that like the top three names exist no more. The black hands of the tank watch lay at the bottom no longer functioning for time has run out. The painting is still under construction as the gold case of the tank watch is still unfinished.

The second painting is a copy of an early painting of mine that was done in oil on board in a much larger size. These three paintings I am posting today are painted in acrylics on 1/2 inch MDO plywood that is first primed with gesso. This piece is also not finished. Those that paint and are not particular what kind of surface they paint on, may check out MDO plywood at your local lumber yard. I bought a scrap piece that I had them cut for me into 6 "canvases", 24x16 inches, and all for under $30. Naturally, when I sell my paintings, I hope to do a little better on the price.

The third and final painting is for a very special friend. This painting like the other two measures 24x16 inches. In the early 1990's, I painted six stamps in oil on gessoed paper for an exhibit of my early work in Covington, KY in May, 1992. This stamp incorporates several of my icons I use and have used in the past , and it is also not completed.

This may be my last post for the year. So, I would like to wish all of my many readers a safe and happy holiday season. In my previous life, I celebrated so many holidays that I feel entitled, now that I am retired, to have the luxury of celebrating nothing if I so desire.

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