Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Morning in the Queen City

It is 17 degrees this morning in the Queen City. On a morning like today, I ask myself why would anyone settle a village on the Ohio River rather than continue going south to a warmer climate? The early settlers of the Queen City must have enjoyed cold weather a hell of a lot more than me. Sometimes we get a pass for December, but it sure doesn't look that way this year.

Well the University of Cincinnati football team got to travel to Hawaii to play a little football. I'll bet they are happy the game wasn't here. The No. 13 ranked Bearcats beat Hawaii 29-24. I don't even want to know what the temperature was at game time.

There was some good football on the tube yesterday. I painted and listened and watched the Army-Navy game. It wasn't much of a game for Navy as they rolled over the scoreless Black Knights of West Point. It is quite clear that Navy has a football program and Army does not. When you get knocked off that many years in a row, you need to make some changes. Any good military mind would see that.

But the real bright military mind goes to our leader here in the Queen City, Mike Brown. The Bengals, our own professional football team travels up I-74 today to "play" the Colts in Indy's enclosed stadium. With temperatures right now below freezing, the Bengals don't need another obstacle to winning.

I enjoyed watching the Florida-Alabama game too. These two schools have excellent football programs and could teach our Bengals a thing or two about winning programs. But then again they don't have Harvard educated Mike Brown running their programs. That honor is left for us in the Queen City. Aren't we lucky.

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