Thursday, May 28, 2009

Anything Less Is Economic Treason

We live in an era of being entertained. We have radio, TV, movies and even cable and network news programs to entertain us. What about the not so sexy stuff that gets discussed in MONEYTHOUGHTS?

The subject of investing and its relationship to fiscal and monetary policies is not something that can be discussed in a few quick sound bites, and so these subjects are left alone. How entertaining can the purchasing power or the decline in the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar be? To discuss what we talk about on MONEYTHOUGHTS requires a vocabulary of investment and economic terms. How many people take the trouble to learn something about the language that holds their financial security?

There is a relationship with everything that is touched on in MONEYTHOUGHTS, but the ability to connect the dots for those that do not see that there is a relationship is a whole other story. Too few in America today see how the several pieces fit together. And, it is because, as a nation, we do not hold our representatives' feet to the fire that we are in the position we are in today. Yes, campaign money talks and bull shit walks, but a knowledgeable electorate can over come the people with the money and access. Even when we have the votes, as in Ohio in 2004, there are those that would try to defeat the will of the people through depriving them the opportunity to vote.

Those that read and understand and agree with the discussions on MONEYTHOUGHTS need to spread the word. They have not taken the Internet away from us yet.

Our Federal Government has a responsibility to protect the investor whether he be an individual or an institution representing millions. Given that under our system of a central bank, known as the Federal Reserve Bank, and our fiscal policies that come from our Congress, the Federal Government has a duty to protect the investment game. If inflation is a fact of life in our system of economics and banking, and saving money does not provide anyone with the chance of financial security, then laws, regulations, oversight, transparency and enforcement must be implemented to protect the investments of the American people. Anything less is economic treason.

Stay tuned.

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