Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Big Meal Ticket To Protect

First a disclaimer: I know nothing about Health Care.

I find it interesting that now that the Obama administration is ready to take on the health care issue that Democrats are getting cold feet. Or, is it not so much a matter of cold feet as it is a matter that they know where the big campaign contributions come from. With the percentages for change in the Health Care system being reported on TV by the news programs, you would think that the Democrats in Congress would get the message. This is just another example of my old standby, "money talks and bull shit walks." We have 40 plus million people without health insurance, and even the middle class, whoever they are now after this latest financial crisis, want changes in the present health care system.

I do not have any answers, but I do encourage everyone to let their members of Congress know where they stand on the issue. The poll numbers are strongly on the side of change. Members of Congress need to know where you stand and who you will vote for in the next election. Those with representatives from the "Party of No", I doubt whether much can be done, but these guys want to hang on to their jobs in Congress too. The smart ones find a way to stay in office. Write to them, email them, call them on the phone!!! The health care insurance industry is not going to lay down and die so you and your family will have health care. Take a chapter from those greedy bastards on Wall Street, no one gives up their meal ticket without a fight, and the health care insurance executives have a big meal ticket to protect.

Stay tuned.

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