Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Is For Sunflowers

Here are my sunflower plants on the side of my house by the porch. I plan to take pics as they move through their life cycle and post them on Sundays. These photos may develop into paintings later.

Stay tuned.

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moneythoughts said...

Today I cleaned off the back screened porch as I am going to put my drawing table out there. I thought that might be a fun place to paint. While carrying some trash to the driveway to put it in a garbage can, I got stung by wasps. I suffered a few stings. One on my upper left arm and what feels like three stings on the back of my left hand. Why after 66 years am I not surprised that wasps would sting me, but bees wouldn't? I have been battling wasps all my life. :-)