Friday, June 19, 2009

Man At Work

Man at work simply means that there is another writing project getting my attention. When I retired in 2005, I started to make notes about events that took place while I was working for the State of Ohio. There is a story there and I am trying to put that story on paper, so to speak. Some people have encouraged me to write my story as way of putting the past behind me. Others have said that it is a good writing project regardless of whether the story gets published. While both of these reasons are good reasons in and of themselves, I, nevertheless, would like to write this story with the hope that someone will want to publish it. This is not going to be a big book. I am hoping to keep it to about 200 pages or less, with a few photographs that I have saved from the events covered in the story. My father, many years ago,(he died in 1969), said to me that everyone has a story to tell. And, with that in mind, I am trying to get my story on paper. Some times when we take a job, we have no idea what we are getting in to. This story is about a very average guy and the events that happened to him when he went to work for the State of Ohio.

As I feel the need to write something about the economy, I will write something from time to time.

Stay tuned.

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Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Dear Fred,
I am intrigued by what you might write about events that took place while you worked for the State of Ohio. How did you go with the art competition?