Thursday, June 11, 2009

Read Bill Gross

Some people in the fixed income business consider Bill Gross the most knowledgeable person in the world about fixed income. This link was sent to me by someone that I knew when I worked in the investment business. While it is a little long perhaps, I nevertheless, think this is someone who has years of experience and knowledge dealing with bonds and our domestic economy and the world economy. I think those of you who read what the head of one of the largest fixed income money management firms has to say, will find it very interesting.


Butch said...

I read it and enjoyed it. I already subscribe to PIMCO's news and financial alerts as well has hold one of their funds.

I must say, I really do agree with a lot of what Mr. Gross says in this article, especially the longevity of the situation we are in and the possibility of what might happen if we do reach that 100% mark.

I would go a step further in what he said about the US and it's lack of savings and why. I would put that on the most of the rest of the world. There are some countries where people save and don't use the plastic like we do or have regulations in place that we got rid of but those are far and few.

Good reading. Now, if I can just get the kids to read it.

moneythoughts said...

You are way a head of me. I need to tune in to Bill Gross more. I used to see his stuff all the time when I was working. Glad you enjoyed the article.

Butch said...

Here's another site to read that goes along with Mr. Gross and the long bond. I get it as just another opinion on the market and what's going on.