Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tomorrow Is Flag Day

Tomorrow, June 14, is Flag Day in the United States. I am going to take a bike ride, RIDE CINCINNATI, for breast cancer research tomorrow morning as I raised $495 for the Barrett Cancer Center of the University of Cincinnati. I have been working out on my bike since early April and feel pretty good about the shape I am in now. This should be a lot of fun, it is not a race, it is just for me a 26 mile bike ride on route 8 in Kentucky after I pedal across the purple bridge that crosses the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati.

A lot has happened this week, and I wish I knew how to extract the hate that resides in our country. Hate is a serious issue, and it deserves all of our attention. In tough economic times, hate comes to the surface and even boils over into violence. I know none of us what to live in a country where there is hate and violence.

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