Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Call Them Out For What They Are

You know, it doesn't take very much to make me paranoid. When my BMW caught fire a few minutes after leaving an interview with a US prosecutor in May, 2007, I thought the Republicans in Ohio were behind it. But I am sure that was just my imagination. This morning Google made me jump through hoops to get on my blog and I am wondering why after two years of blogging they would give me such a hard time? Well, I am on now, and that part is behind me.

Let me switch gears today and go back to talking about why, in my opinion, the Republicans in Congress will not work with our first black president. Last night, I was watching Keith Olbermann on COUNTDOWN and listened as he tiptoed around this very issue. I realize Keith can't say what he thinks, as that might get NBC in trouble with people they may need down the road. Yet, I agree with Keith that the first of anything does not mean the end of prejudice. The first black baseball player in the modern era, Jackie Robinson, had to endure a lot of mean crap from both fans and other players his first year and perhaps even later in his playing days. But, I thought Keith fell short of sticking it to the Republicans and their Southern Strategy that they pursued for so many years with much success. Call them out on it on national TV? Well, we aren't there yet, but hopefully we are getting close. Just a few more really stupid reasons why they, Congressional Republicans, can't work with this black president like the size of the room, or how many chairs are there going to be around the table, or the color of the walls in the room, or what paintings are going to be hung on the walls in the room, and stuff like that, and I think we should be ready to call them out for what they are!

Stay tuned.


LceeL said...

Absolutely. Call them out. But calling a racist a racist isn't enough, I'm afraid. There are too many who would be willing to say "That's their right". And it is. Unfortunately, it's illegal to line 'em up and mow 'em down, which would be, after all, a more permanent solution to racism. Maybe we should have let the South secede, after all.

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Hi Fred,

I don't think the word 'paranoid' is quite right...I think 'catastrophising' is much more descriptive and less pathalogical! I have read that catastrophising is a sign of intelligence ie: putting 2 and 2 together and foreseeing the outcome...well... at least, it is a sign of imagination, even if it causes the catastrophiser some anxiety.