Tuesday, February 9, 2010

President Obama: It Ain't Going to Happen

We are having snow today and it is snowing right now. How much snow? Who knows? The weather report on TV says just a few inches, but this snowfall just keeps coming. It sure looks pretty.

Turning our attention to Washington, and President Obama's desire to work with Republicans in Congress on the Health Care Bill, I find it to be just so much nonsense. Nonsense in that the Republicans are not going to work with President Obama on anything. I admire President Obama for trying, but my gut says that the Republican Party, a political party largely built on the Southern Strategy that came out of the Civil Rights era, will not work with a black president. Name one black Republican in Congress. There aren't any. People might point to Michael Steel, the head of the Republican National Committee and say see, there is a black Republican. Yes, there are black Republicans, but there are none in Congress that are in the Republican Party. And, for me that speaks volumes about just what the Republican Party is all about. Cooperating with a black president is not in their playbook. People will say that this is because of policy issues, and I say, my foot. It is about race and nothing more. President Obama can not acknowledge this, nor can any members of his administration. At least not now, perhaps some day when they write a book, they will give their frank opinion.

Democrats will have to do it by themselves if they want to get anything done. And, unfortunately, I think too many Democrats are hearing footsteps. With the economy and the stock market and some European countries having serious trouble economically, I don't see much of anything getting done in this Congress.

Stay tuned.


Brad Glazer said...

Republicans won't cooperate with Democrats anymore than Democrats cooperated with Republicans. And that's a good thing. It's not good for the party politically. The only time they cooperate is on super important defense or emergency issues, unless, there are trade-off which the party not in power considers to be more beneficial to them than the negatives of the partisan issue.

Julie Schuler said...

It is irritating to me that they are refusing to participate in the health care summit unless we "start from scratch". How galling!? Nothing has been signed yet, there is nothing etched in stone- and this bill contains many of their own proposals! Gah.

I have no insurance and I just got billed $340.00 for a routine gynie appointment with routine labwork. One of my republican sparring partners made the point that doctors can't work for free. But then I said- they do this same exam 50 times a day- do they really need $17,000 a day? Of course the response was that I should get educated and learn a skill to make more money. That's always the republican answer- "why don't you poor people have more money!". Booo.

Butch said...

Just think, the government is shut down, probably for the rest of the week and the cost is 1.5 million a day. Funny how the government can still spend and not be there.

LceeL said...

Well and truly (and sadly) said.

moneythoughts said...

President Clinton signed a lot shit into law that was pushed by the Republican controlled Congress, so they can work together on domestic policy.