Monday, February 8, 2010

Greed & Poor Judgment Go Together like Peas In A Pod

First, Congrats to the New Orleans Saints on their come from behind win of Super Bowl 44 (XLIV). I like seeing a "new" team win as I believe the NFL is set up as a better professional sport's league than Major League Baseball (MLB). The owners of MLB need to take a closer look at the success of the NFL and simply copy some of its better features. Anyone, with an ounce of sense, knows that MLB is running themselves into the ground. Not having a salary cap in MLB is a tremendous mistake, and the selfish owners of the large market teams, like the New York Yankees, will continue to hurt the future fortunes of MLB. Smaller market teams can not compete with the almost unlimited wealth of some of the owners in the larger markets. The NFL, by having a salary cap, is the wiser professional league. Baseball owners of MLB, the secret of the NFL's success is not a classified secret.

And, to the politicians in Washington and the Obama administration, regulations and enforcement of banking and the securities markets is not a classified secret either. Throwing away the blue print that served this country so well for so many years and then just dumping it because Wall Street greed could go unchecked, if enough dollars were put in the pockets of enough politicians, is not patriotism. Such behavior is treason, economic and financial treason, and it should be punished like any other treasonable offense.

Stay tuned.

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