Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Brain, A Tree And One Old Humankind

I am now back in my little city just across the Ohio River from the Creationist Museum. While I was gone, my copy of the Smithsonian magazine came in the mail. This morning, after sleeping like a rock last night, I opened my new March 2010 copy and read about the new exhibition hall dedicated to the origins of humankind that opens this month at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. I will have to make a trip to Washington, D.C. sometime this year and check out this new exhibition hall that explains our human origins and our ancestral tree.

You see, living just across the Ohio River from the Creationist Museum, and powerful Republican intellectuals like Senators Bunning and McConnell, has left my brain hanging somewhere in a tree. We don't think much of the scientific method around these parts. The Bible is all we need to explain where we came from to where we are going. Amen. The idea that humankind lived before the Bible said it did is a corruption of the good book, and we can't have that kind of intellectual stimulation. Therefore, we can't have economic stimulation either. In fact, stimuli of any kind is suspect.

I did come home with an idea for another of my political paintings, praise the Lord, and I will be putting it down on board very soon. I think I just needed to get out of town for a short while to clear my head and retrieve my brain from that tree that I left it in.

Stay tuned.

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Julie Schuler said...

Everyone who says they believe the literal word of the Bible, and thinks that it contains the only truth they need should be assigned to surgeons and doctors that have only read the Bible and not any of the latest medical texts. No penicillin, either, only prayer.

There is a reason we prosecute people who rely on prayer to cure their children. We all deny the existence of god everyday, as well we should. What has he done for me lately?