Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Is For Art

In "honor" of the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, TN this weekend, I am posting a painting I first exhibited in May 1992, titled STRICT CONSTRUCTIONIST. Back then I painted in oils. Instead of buying acrylics for painting on paper, I simply covered both sides of the paper with gesso and used the oil paints I was comfortable using. This commemorative postage stamp shows the three views of an object that is used as a blueprint. Simple objects can be built with a front, top and side view. Everyone thinks they know what the Constitution says, and that they know what the Founding Fathers that wrote the Constitution meant when they wrote it. But, for me the beauty of the Constitution is that it has to be interpreted in light of the changes in our country, if only for the new technologies that requires that what is constitutional be interpreted as we move forward.

The Tea Baggers, in my opinion, are so far removed from where I am, and I hope the majority of fair minded Americans, that as they find their momentum through hate, that they will reduce themselves in number as they attempt to find their "Holy Grail". Amen.

Stay tuned.


Robin said...

Amen indeed.

Julie Schuler said...

I saw their spokesman on TV, he was dressed in full patriotic regalia and talking in a quaint, made-up dialect. It looked like he missed the bus to the Ren Faire or something. I can't take them seriously.