Thursday, February 25, 2010

Obama's Health Care Summit

Originally, I was planning to write about Ron Paul, the idea of a central bank (our Federal Reserve Bank) and monetary policy, and my thoughts about the trade off between monetary policy under a central bank system and the need for comprehensive financial regulation. But, because today is President Obama's Health Care Summit with members of Congress, I would like to say a word about that.

I watched Keith Olbermann's show last night, COUNTDOWN, and I listened to his plea that everyone going into the Health Care Summit should leave their egos at the door. Well Keith, I too hope they will, but I am not very hopeful that that will be the case. I think Congressman Anthony Weiner said it best, the Republican Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Insurance Industry!!!

Yes, I know, I am a socialist bordering on being a communist bed-wetter from the 1942 variety. I understand that governments around the world carve out niches for their friends to be able to make a living and the USA is no different in that respect. And yet, when health insurance companies want to call a cleft palate of a new born child a pre-existing condition, I say enough!! Health insurance company CEOs, you are dangerously close to your demise in my hierarchy of crimes against humanity. Yes, we need a public option and I hope this Congress can make it happen. There are too many people in this country without, and that needs to change.

Stay tuned.


Tom Bailey said...

It would be interesting to hear your viewpoint from the view of medium sized business owners that are uncertain of the costs.

The healthcare issue is clouding cost structures for large companies and taxes and how they relate to employees.

If you worked in the securities industry your insights into shareholder accountability as it relates to shareholders, employees and healthcare costs and the balance of those would also be interesting to hear.

What stocks you are holding.

How much money you have in the market.

Those topics would also be interesting to see your views on as well.

moneythoughts said...

Tom, I don't give stock purchasing advice and I don't discuss my personal finances on my blog. I write about what interests me and it is not always about finance, money & banking or the securities markets.

Julie Schuler said...

I can't decide if I want to watch the summit, ack! Maybe it will just be depressing and upsetting. I have my fingers crossed for some health care I can afford. Maybe I'll just watch my Best of The Match Game DVD.

Butch said...

Health care in this country is out of control. When a company can make such large profits and yet cry foul when pressured as to why they turn down claims, pay the claims so late and literally get away with murder all for the almighty dollar by not allowing procedures for whatever the reason, we have a problem of monumental proportions.

There are three, and maybe more, issues in this country that really affect Americans. One is not being able to afford or get health care. Two is the utter rudness of the banking industry as well as Wall Streets nose snubbing of the common man and not being held accountable for their actions. Three is our politicians. They talk a lot, even more than the 'talking heads' on the cable shows and say nothing. Well, they say a lot but generally they lie or hide what they have going on in the background. They take elaborate trips at our expense and lie about their hidden agendas in getting money for their pet projects when we are (yes we still are) in a recession.

Here's a thought, let's have Joe Blow from Ohio be responsible to the people of Iowa after the people of New Mexico vote him in. No need for him to get or spend money on people he rarely sees and who have no say in his staying in office. Those in N.M. will be deciding how he is doing for the people of Iowa.

I know, there are tons of flaws in that scenario and the first would be that the people of N.M. won't really care enough to pay attention to Joe representing Iowa.

Well, I'm affraid to say that this condition exists today in many states. People arent' paying attention to the boring stuff, politics and finance. People need to read and pay attention more to what is going on outside of the social domain. If ice skating is more important to watch, then record Oberman or whomever you want to watch to get your info, but keep up and get the info.

Okay, off my rant now. This site is one of my cable shows. It helps to open my eyes and whether it is used or some other site, people need to investigate what they are told by listening and reading more.

winslow said...

some of my views...

Both political parties are now involved in psychological warfare with each other. The Republicans are much, much better at this game. Constant negativity about Obama, for example, will make people think "maybe he really is a socialist".

In China, if a company executive make a grievous error, he can be executed. In the good ole USA, he is rewarded with stock options and is set for life.

Healthcare is NOT an easy fix. Aside from the insurers making gobs of money in the chain, for an example, physicians in Canada make half of their US counterparts. I know of no physician that will give up 50% of their present income.

Every U.S diagnostic lab all NEED to make a profit in the chain. Everyone (well, the tea party for example) cry about government rationing of healthcare. But, in reality, the insurers ration care on a daily basis as part of their business model. Nothing we can do will stop the rise of healthcare costs, but at least we can make it more equitable. That should be the battle