Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Safe Memorial Day Weekend 2010

I have a full day planned, so everyone have a nice safe Memorial Day weekend, and I will be back with more commentary about the political-economy next week.

I do wish we, Americans, could learn to come together on issues such as the use of our lands and waters, and realize that this is our treasure. Letting a corrupt Congress and greedy business people destroy our environment holds all of us back from enjoying the land we all live in. Yes, we need oil and we need other sources of clean energy too. 1973 should have been our wake up call to get off of imported oil, but we lacked, as a nation, the resolve to make energy independence a matter of national security.

People that abuse our environment by knowingly placing our environment at greater risk to maximize profit should be held accountable for the damage they create to our lands and waters. Holding up a bank or a 7-11 are not the only crimes committed today in the USA.

Stay tuned.

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Robert said...

Public policies have striven to keep oil prices too low. Better safety would cost more and the price would be passed along in two ways. Lower executive salaries and profits in oil industry, but more importantly, higher prices for consumers. We shouldn't just make domestic oil more expensive causing us to rely even more on cheap imported oil. We need to figure out how to price all oil higher, so alternative energy becomes more viable. Also more expensive oil would change the way we plan our living environments. Changes for the better in my opinion.