Sunday, May 23, 2010

Temporary Tribute To Ellsworth Kelly

I don't understand Ellsworth Kelly's art work. But, having worked at Central Trust Bank in the late 1970s and been there when Ellsworth Kelly's mural, 8 large paint chips, were hung on the first floor wall behind the tellers, I am familiar with his work. Each of the eight pieces were painted in one solid color that Ellsworth mixed himself, and then painted the rectangular shaped canvas with his color from edge to edge. Later, when in New York on business, I saw an exhibit of his work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1979. While every artist has his own style, I find Ellsworth Kelly's art work interesting. My own comment about Ellsworth is: "It is great work if you can get it." Hell, I wish people would pay me a fraction of what he gets for his art work today. Today I am putting up a piece of work that I am just starting. It reminds me of a finished piece of his. When my piece is finished, I will post it, but for now here is my temporary tribute to Ellsworth Kelly. Enjoy.

Stay tuned.

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