Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day 2010

May Day is a day around the world that is associated with labor. Labor as in people doing labor. But, what I am going to write today, some people are going to jump to conclusions and perhaps think that I am in favor of the new legislation that was signed into law in Arizona. Let me say at the outset that this is not the case, but let us look into this further.

Why now? Why was this law passed in Arizona now? I think we should ask ourselves a few questions before jumping to conclusions. The bottom line in this issue of immigration is that the Federal Government has a responsibility to protect and regulate the borders of the United States. Stopping the immigration of illegals through California has pushed the flow of illegals coming into the United States to Arizona. I think it is fair to say that this has put a heavy burden on the resources of Arizona.

Unfortunately, the Congress has not taken up the issue of a new immigration bill and as a result of their failure to deal with a problem that should be dealt with at the Federal level, we have a state, Arizona, trying to cope with the problem.

It is my opinion, that if the Congress in Washington, that is charged with protecting the borders had dealt with the issue of immigration from Mexico, the State of Arizona would not have passed this onerous legislation.

Arizona may not be my favorite state, but then again, I haven't walked a mile in their shoes either.

Stay tuned.

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winslow said...

Anyone that is against this legislation should be required to stay out in the desert for 1 week. If they think they will be safe...good luck. No one really understands the number of illegals coming across the border, many with guns or trying to protect their drugs. One of our national parks has been closed to all camping due to the danger.
The national government has let this go on. There should have been a crack-down on businesses hiring these individuals years ago. Recently, several Chinese nationals have been apprehended crossing the border.
It's a hell-of-problem and no one other than the state seems to be tackling it.