Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Today is Memorial Day. Take a moment to think about all our people in uniform and those who wore the uniform in service to our country. We are a big country, spread across several time zones and coming from many different lands, but the freedoms we enjoy every day did not come cheap. People lost their lives in defense of those ideals we hold dear to us.

On a separate note, the Top Kill did not work, so I suggest that BP start spending its money on clean up and restitution to the peoples of the gulf and their way of life that they so callously destroyed. To those that believe the federal government has a role in enforcing safety to the environment and to oil rig workers, let your representative know where you stand. I believe the concept of less government is better government is a joke, a bad joke. The federal government has a responsibility to protect our lands and waters from those that would ruin our lands and waters to maximize the profits of their corporation. Now that there is a major spill, people want the federal government to do more. The time for the federal government to be doing more is before the spill. Safety and proper offshore drilling procedures should be enforced by a government that looks out for the well being of her people's lands and waters.

Stay tuned.

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Julie Schuler said...

Happy Memorial Day! I just got back from the parade and am going through my pics. There were only about 2 dozen people there. You would never guess how much we spend on war by the looks of the turnout.