Monday, May 17, 2010

Time For Abusers Start Going To Jail

When you look at all the money the Federal Government spends, you would expect that the money spent by agencies and departments that deal with our money, the Treasury Department, The Federal Reserve Bank and the SEC, and the energy question (oil, natural gas and coal) that would at least get competent administration of these very vital areas. Our money and banking and investing, and our energy situation effect our lives every day, and yet the people charged with the responsibility to oversee these two sectors of our life are asleep at the switch. I wonder if the people in charge of these agencies and departments are not throwing out those that try to do a good job, and holding onto those that look the other way. Enforcement of laws mean nothing if those in charge refuse to do their job by enforcing the rules and regulations. Whether it is investment products on Wall Street, coal mining in West Virginia, or deep sea drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, the lack of creditable supervision appears to be the norm. We, the People, are tired of excuses and double talk, we expect our Federal Government to hold people accountable for their actions. It is time that the abusers start going to jail.

Stay tuned.

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winslow said...

If government officials and business leaders accused of malfeasance and irresponsibility were not only imprisoned but also had their wealth confiscated (that probably means much more to them), there would be much less of this occuring. However, they would mount a tremendous defense with high-priced lawyers arguing each and every point.
I don't like how our system is evolving. The average person is at a disadvantage. (I believe our top government officials know this but refuse to take definative acton)