Friday, November 6, 2009

AMERICAN CASINO (2009): See This Documentary

Well, if you are tired of reading about the financial crisis and the bond market meltdown, you can now see the movie. American Casino (2009) is a documentary by Leslie and Andrew Cockburn. You can read reviews of this film on the Internet. I learned about this documentary while reading The New Yorker September 7, 2009, Out Of The Shadows by David Denby, pp 84-85. I like Denby's review of the film because he goes into some of the financial razzmatazz that lead to the meltdown. I need to get hold of this film, or, find a theater in Cincinnati that is showing it. Cincinnati showing a documentary about something that happened during the Bush administration is a joke in and of itself. Those from Cincy will know what I am talking about. I hope the Obamas plan to show this film at The White House!!!

BTW, I sold another sunflower print yesterday. People have an opportunity here to buy a signed print by a contemporary American artist (and an old artist at that) that has yet to be discovered on the national stage for as little as $50 bucks. What do you get for your investment? A signed full color print of two sunflowers talking about Van Gogh that measures 13" x 10.5". Here is something you can enjoy looking at while you are waiting for it to appreciate in value. Such a deal! Those who do not know what the sunflower print looks like can see it in earlier posts.

Stay tuned.


LceeL said...

I am so glad to see your prints are selling. That's wonderful. Just wonderful.

Decie said...

You can now get the DVD of American Casino through

Robin said...

Congratulations on the sale, how exciting!

Butch said...

You may be interested in that there is a shift in thoughts on regulations in the Fed of banking.

moneythoughts said...

Butch, thanks for the article. I read it. You know the old comment that a giraffe is a horse made by a committee? Well, that is what that article reminded me of.

There is tremendous pressure coming from the banking lobby, which as you know, now includes the investment banking lobby as Goldman and Morgan Stanley are now banks.

This shit is easier than building a 2-cycle lawn mowing engine if you take away the politics. They, on the hill know this, but so do the lobbyists.

You can not have a commercial bank running a casino out the back door. It really is that simple, but they want to make a lot of little half measures and think they are doing something to prevent "too big to fail." Never happen.

Volcker knows this and that is why they have pushed him to the sidelines.

It is all about who has the biggest balls for Wall Street. It always was about this and it always will be about this. The Fed was created by Congress, and Congress needs to understand that the only way to stop "too big to fail" is to go back to commercial banks that don't own investment banking divisions (that underwrite investment securities and position securities on their trading desks) or insurance companies that sell credit default swaps!!!

In the end, we will not produce a system that will stop "too big to fail" anymore than they will produce a horse from a giraffe.

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

HI Fred,
Will keep an eye out for that film. And, well done on selling and more congrats on promoting your work so well. It gets to a point where you do need to let people know what a great deal they are getting from a really great artist and person!