Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gov't May Have Overpaid To Bail Out AIG

Taking it easy this Tuesday and letting this article I found on the Internet do my talking. I think many who read this blog will find it interesting.


Stay tuned.


LceeL said...

And who, if anyone, is surprised?

Butch said...

I agree with LceeL. Rush, rush, rush. This is all we seem to hear from this administration, and I voted for it. Well, not all of them, not Geithner. They rushed money in to the banks (GS included because it is now a bank of no checks or pass book savings)and they rushed the auto industry into and out of bankruptcy as well. Just how long would GM had been in bankruptcy is a good question. Delphi spent almost 4 years in it until the Auto Task Force stepped in with Mr. Geithner. Delphi is small, very small in comparison to GM.

Yep, the article says it all, and no one will pay except the taxpayer.