Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Hope For A Better Thanksgiving Next Year

There are so many issues to discuss that deal with the economy and our financial markets, but today is the day before Thanksgiving, so let us be thankful for what we have, and hope that others, less fortunate than us, will have a better Thanksgiving next year. All of us must keep spreading the word about the virtues of the "level playing field" and how more comprehensive regulations of banking and investment securities will give everyone an opportunity to have a piece of the pie. The turkeys at the top of the economic pyramid are, for the most part, oblivious to the fragile situation so many are now in as a result of the greed and utter contempt for the working class, shown by the actions of those that call themselves capitalists. Those that maintain the high ground do not give up their position of wealth and privilege without a fight. But, with the numbers on our side and the vote still in our hands, let us resolve that this Thanksgiving we will continue the struggle to bring the knowledge and courage to our leaders and representatives. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Stay tuned.


winslow said...

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.
With more individuals like yourself, we can make this a great country.

Julie Schuler said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

LceeL said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Fred. Health and happiness to you and yours.

Summer Smith said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Moneythoughts!

Yes, all of us who have access to this daily commentary already have much for which to give thanks, and I'd like to add your insightful blog to that list!

Thank you for fighting the good fight!


moneythoughts said...

Thanks for all the kind comments. I must admit that there are times when I wonder why I do this blog as not many people read it or are interested in what I write about. But knowing that a few people are getting something out of this blog is a nice feeling. We need to keep spreading the word about financial literacy and getting people to take an interest in their financial future and financial regulations in this country.