Friday, November 20, 2009

Sunflower Prints For Sale: Check it Out

Friday, and I am again peddling my sunflower print for $50 US, that includes the mailing tube and first-class postage to anywhere in the universe (if FedEx goes there, I will ship it). Anyone interested in buying a print can contact me at: for more info. With the holidays just around the corner, just think what unique gift a sunflower print would be. Signed Prints are available framed for $150 US, and that includes shipping.

If you would rather buy one of my Ski Cincinnati t-shirts, you can go on-line to the Contemporary Arts Center gift shop in Cincinnati and buy a short or long sleeve t-shirt with the Ski Cincinnati logo on the front. This is yet another piece of my creative mind as the Creative Director of Ski Cincinnati.

I am doing my best to get this economy moving, and I am peddling my stuff. You see, I did not receive a bail out from the Government. Those interested in my political art can contact me at my email address too. I have several paintings that I completed during the last few years that are done in acrylic on board and are framed.

Stay tuned.

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