Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday: Time For Pro Football & The New York Times

The Cincinnati Bengals play the Cleveland Browns today at one o'clock at Paul Brown Stadium. How many states can have such a situation as two professional football teams playing each other, founded by the same man and in the stadium named after him? Is it any wonder that the Pro Football Hall of Fame is in Ohio. While the first pro team may have been the Canton Bulldogs, Paul Brown was one of the founders of modern football in America.

After that disappointing loss to the Oakland Raiders last week, which the coaches played to sit on a lead (stupid), let us hope that the players have some say in the game plan for today. The offensive coordinator of the Bengals needs to use the players he has to their full advantage. On paper, this game should not even be close. But, the Browns will give a lot of fight and try like hell to win their second game of the season. Bengals need to play to win, not sit on a few point margin.

Monday, I plan to talk about Senator Chris Dodd and the new legislation coming out off the Senate that will restrict the ability of the Fed to conduct monetary policy. Oh, I know everyone will be hardly able to wait to read that.

How about a picture of a level playing field for Sunday?

Stay tuned.


Julie Schuler said...

That's a nice painting. Like, if Mark Rothko liked sports, he would've painting that. Football... that's the game with the pointy ball, right? Hope all your favorite teams win!

Robin said...

Or some flat ice :). Where's your winter sports spirit, there's hockey being played out there!

moneythoughts said...

Yes, football is the ball with the points on each end. And hockey is a great winter sport.

The level playing field is a metaphor. Yes, I use a baseball diamond and a flag casting a shadow across the playing field. The first level playing field painting I did in 1990. I have painted several others over the years. The level playing field is something that we should all work for. It represents everyone getting a fair chance to succeed.