Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sunflower Prints For Sale From A Contemporary American Artist

Our domestic economy is coming back, but coming back slowly. Confidence, in my opinion, is the key ingredient. However, on the other hand, the politicians in Washington are not doing much to improve our confidence. The new watered-down regulations are a sick joke. The politicians know that there are only a few thousand people that bother to read this stuff, so they can get away with almost anything because of the ignorance of the majority of people. The complexities of finance and the financial markets are really too much for most people to wrap their minds around. But, with all this said, our domestic economy will recover.

Since I have not put up my sunflower print since the first of November, I am again peddling my art. This signed full color print of my painting of two sunflowers is for sale for $50, and that includes the mailing tube and postage anywhere in the world. Anyone interested in purchasing a print can write me at: for further instructions. The paper measures 14" x 11" and the actual print measures 13" x 10.5". Be the first on your block to own this beautiful sunflower picture!

Stay tuned.

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