Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Afghanistan: Not Putting Our Head In The Sand

What are we, the United States, doing on the other side of the world in two Islamic Republics? The simple answer is nukes. But, if the President of the United States says that we are over there because Pakistan has nukes, then there is no theater. The world needs a little theater. What will the world look like if the international terrorist network, known as al Qaeda, a.k.a al Qaida, or, al Qa'ida, gets their hands on a nuclear weapon or nuclear material? That is the real bottom line.

The talk about helping Afghanistan, an Islamic Republic, build up its defenses to be able to put down the Talaban and al Qaeda is just a piece of the story. Unfortunately, Pakistan has nuclear weapons and that, in my opinion, is what brings us to the region. As we could bomb al Qaeda, in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan, from the air, from now until we run out of jet fuel in the 22nd century, or level the mountains from a century of bombing, the facts will not change. The enemy is al Qaeda and there is no signing a peace treaty with a terrorist network that has no boundaries. Now, by giving Afghanistan time to get their shit together, and again, in my opinion, we have no good choices here, we can hopefully help Pakistan arrive at a more stable republic. This stuff is not like WWI or WWII, where you have a clear victory and an end to the fighting. Shit in this part of the world goes on and on and on. I know, no one wants to hear or believe that. Wrap it up and put a ribbon around it and mail it in time for Christmas is the way the western mind works, except this is not the west . This is not Europe. This is Asia, and this is traveling back in time to another century.

Our President doesn't have any good choices here, but the ball he must keep his eye on is the nukes that the Government of Pakistan have. Pulling out of Afghanistan is in reality not an option, it is putting our head in the sand.

Stay tuned.

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Summer Smith said...

Thank you, Moneythoughts.

Of course it's about the nukes! These countries will never see Democracy as we define it, so let's get real. Being in Afghanistan is about the terrorists and trying our damndest to keep them from achieving nuclear capability.

However...we do have Iran in the mix, too.

This is scary stuff!