Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday: Time For Pro Football & The New York Times

The Bengals play the Chargers in San Diego at four o'clock, and a Bengal win would put them in the playoffs. (Or a Baltimore loss)

The tragedy of Chris Henry's death this past week can not be ignored. A young man with so much talent and potential is lost to his family, his children and his team.

The health care bill passed through the Senate, but is a long ways from complete. We will all see what we get in the end. Hopefully, it will provide more people with health care and not hurt those who already have it.

The college football bowl games have begun, so, don't lose all your Christmas bonus betting on the wrong teams.

Stay tuned.


Jientje said...

I hope the right team wins, but I would not know which one is the right one. I guess the one you want it to win should win!
I hope people in the US get what they're hoping for. That health care issue has been a very difficult matter as it is.
About your question on my blog: that reflection of the cactus in the Christmas decoration was just a matter of composition. There is no hidden meaning in it. But I loved playing with it because of the unusual combination. I made a couple more but I loved that one best.

Butch said...

Is that a SkiCincinnati hat you're wearing? Small thumbnail photo.

moneythoughts said...

Yes Butch, this is the latest apparel item I am coming out with. Hope to have them available for sale soon.