Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Best Government Money Can Buy

The health care bill, with no public option, no Medicare buy-in, etc etc etc, and we are suppose to feel that our vote counts? The whole thing is one big joke. I would believe that Jesus walked on water before anyone could convince me that this health care bill is anything but another victory for the insurance industry. Even if some form of the bill passes and is signed into law, who is going to enforce it? Who is going to line those insurance executives up against the wall if they do not honor the terms of the contract? Things will have to get a lot worse before the American people will demand that their representatives speak for their welfare and not the corporate welfare that passes for capitalism here in America.

Insurance corporations need the protection of the Congress in order to do business with the American family? Their power in terms of financial resources is such that they need special laws passed by our Congress in order to make a profit? The Congress of the United States will continue to represent special interests until those in Congress that choose to ignore their constituents will be turned out by the electorate. That day is coming.

As more people realize that there is no pea under any of the shells, the American people will wise up.

Stay tuned.

Not So Balanced Budget: Capital Hill For Sale, The Envelope Collection, acrylic on paper envelope.


Butch said...

Again, it's the taxpayer paying for the total program in more ways than one and that is the reduction of medicare or the increase of the cost of medicare, whichever way one wants to look at it.

Insurance companies run this country in more ways than just health care. Go back to the 70's and 80's and the 3 and 5 mph impact laws for bumpers. Those were implemented not for the occupants safety but for the insurance companies cost of repair. Surely it helped in ones premiums but you can bet it was more for the insurance business because I will lay odds that your premium didn't go down if you bought a car with an energy absorbtion device (EAD) mounted to the frame and the bumper.

Congress is people representing a group that voted them into office. Maybe we shouldn't have representatives from the states but representatives of the nation. Afterall, that is all they are representing today, their states. If this passes, move to Nebraska when you get old enough for medicare.

Summer Smith said...


Do you happen to remember the segment on 60 Minutes a few months back -- where they toured Madoff's former office space? If you saw that segment, then you'll remember the huge, 3 foot tall sculpture of a screw. Somebody needs to sculpt one the size of the Empire State Building ... it might begin to approximate what our wonderful government and representatives have done, collectively, to all of us.

Then there's the side show that went on around getting the health bill passed -- how dearly we paid certain people for their votes just to get the bill passed.

Our tax dollars at work? No: Taxation without Representation.

Our future? Well, they probably won't cook us for dinner because they need us for slave labor.

Remember the motto from Animal Farm? "All Animals Are Equal but Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others." We have new masters.

In summary: "Suck it up Cupcake! Ain't nothin' gonna change in 2010!"



moneythoughts said...

Butch, I'm sure your right about the insurance companies making out. Why wouldn't they? They bought the vote.

As for Nebraska, it will be challenged by other states on its constitutionality. You can bet on that.

moneythoughts said...

Summer, there is much truth in what you write, but I am going to keep right on writing. Some day a few people will realize that the shell game they are in has no pea beneath any of the shells. When they come to that realization, my work begins again.

The concept of the Level Playing Field is a goal. We may never get there, but we can try to level the game and cut out some of the rigged crap that we all live with today.

Come the Revolution...

Summer Smith said...

Dear Moneythoughts,

DO NOT WANT YOU TO STOP WRITING!! Basically, I do agree with you, and if people like you quit writing then we're doomed for sure!

Keep fighting the Good Fight, my friend! We need you!


winslow said...

The more I see happening in this country, the more I am amazed that we are supposed to be an intellingent society. We can't appear to govern ourselves.

Butch said...

The problem with what Nebraska got and the challenge of other states will only be the challenge of all other states to get the same, thus, driving costs into an already screwed up system. It's the "if Billy has it then I want it".

It really gets hairy when you have government crossing the line to be in a business that is already there in the private sector. I'd like to know how the government can possibly price insurance out. What are their costs?

One other point is, how can the government FORCE people to take insurance against their wishes. I believe making it available, as was stated in the campaign, and forcing it upon individuals are different. Making it available through the private sector with some but not catastrophic price structures to either the individual or the business is the only way. Many states have this already but the less fortunate can't afford it. Ohio has an HCTC (Health Care Tax Credit) where no matter what your conditions may be you can get insurance. Uncle Sam helps by deferring or paying some of the costs. It is an Ohio BCBS Anthemn plan.