Friday, December 4, 2009

Northside Holiday Art Sale Dec. 12, 2009

Next Saturday, December 12, I am going to participate in the Northside Holiday Art Sale. See the above poster for time and location. Northside is a neighborhood in Cincinnati not too far from the downtown and close to the University of Cincinnati. Many young families live in Northside as property in Clifton is more expensive. I will take several pieces of my political art to this sale, and a few prints of my work as well. I hope to have a few prints of the sunflowers available too. This is my first Holiday Art Sale and so I don't know what to expect, but for six hours, 11 to 5 pm, I am sure I can have a good time.

Stay tuned.


Tom Lohre said...

I want to see the work you have for sale. MAy you post it on your blog?

moneythoughts said...


I have posted it on MONEYTHOUGHTS, but over time. If you go to the FDZigler art gallery, see link to the right of my blog and down the page, you can see more of my work.