Saturday, December 26, 2009

Saturday Is For Art & Literature Too

Today, I want to put in another plug for a book I received as a gift this season. THE FAMILY by Jeff Sharlet is turning into a even better book than I could have imagined from just reading the cover and a few pages. Those of you that are interested in American Social and Intellectual History, this book is a MUST!!!

I know, many of you think history is boring, but that is not true. An American History textbook can be boring, but a well written and researched piece of history, any history, can be a very rewarding experience. I re-new my recommendation of THE FAMILY - THE SECRET FUNDAMENTALISM AT THE HEART OF AMERICAN POWER, and I believe that this is a key piece of American historical literature.

Mother & Child: An American Icon No. 2, styrofoam, cardboard, cereal boxes, paper mache, gesso, acrylic paint, 2007-08. Artist: F.D. Zigler, designed and constructed.

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