Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday: Time For Pro Football & The New York Times

First, the art sale was a bust for me. But, I think I learned something and got a good workout setting the stuff up and taking it down.

UC lost their football coach to Notre Dame this past week. People in Cincinnati are upset. Coaching is a job. A job enables a person to provide for his family. Who wouldn't change jobs for the bigger money that ND was offering Brian Kelly?

The Bengals go up against the Vikings this afternoon. If the 9-3 Bengals win today, they clinch the playoffs. I agree with Boomer that Chad needs to join the team and start acting like a team player and not a distraction. Unfortunately, I don't think Chad knows what the word distraction means. Go Bengals!!!

Well, I received my Sunday New York Times today and I will have more to say about the economy on MONEYTHOUGHTS tomorrow. Banking and lending, especially, mortgage lending needs work and I will be discussing that aspect Monday.

Stay tuned.

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Julie Schuler said...

Sorry to hear about your show. Better luck at the next one. I find that people don't carry much cash, and the smaller you can make a print, perhaps postcard size, the more you will sell. But it takes a lot more sales then to make up your costs.... I haven't really found a good way to sell art!