Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Again, Read Matt Taibbi's Article on Goldman Sachs

Today I am off to Columbus for a meeting. Don't know what it is about, but I was asked to attend, so I am driving my beemer and praying nothing goes wrong. I, in the past, have had my share on problems on I-71 with my beemers, so my concern is not without foundation.

Again I encourage everyone to read the article in the ROLLING STONE July 9 - 23, 2009 issue by Matt Taibbi: THE BAILOUT - How Goldman Sachs Runs Washington. You can read this important article on-line, so there is no excuse for not reading it. Until we get a few million people up in arms about the Wall Street - Washington Alliance, nothing is going to change. Do you enjoy being made a "mark" by Goldman Sachs? Read this article and find out why we need to change the system, a lot!!!

Stay tuned.


Butch said...

Okay, I knew I was upset before but this article really takes the cake. It is amazing how Madoff did it so well by himself but it is more amazing that a company with many heads of household could do this for so many years and get away with it when there are those that seem to know what was and is going on in the business world. There are decades of time with different characters at the helm. Do you suppose there is a book at GS that is a must read on how the screw the investor?

It is like there is a secret society that no one wants to either deal with or touch in fear that something bad will happen. These GS wonders are not unlike the Mafia in their own right. A real brotherhood if you will.

There is just know way the general public would know how many individuals have been controlling our lives over the last 16 years and more. I knew things happened in Nixons time, deregulations and the like, but I didn't understand the severity of it all. And now a 6th bubble in the brewing. It has even made the Rush Limbaugh program. I haven't heard it form myself but a friend said Rush was talking about the Cap-and-Trade but he mentioned taxing people that have "too much" heat loss coming from their homes....big brother is watching is all I can think of.

It took me awhile to get through it, stop and start, re-read, even took notes. Now I'm sending it in pdf form to others to help pass the your back side because I know your unprotected.

Jientje said...

Hi! Nice to "meet" you, although you're not a stranger to me anymore. I've seen your comments on Lou's blog before. I'm looking forward to seeing your Sunflower pictures, and even more how you plan to make art with them.

Life as a bee? Might be interesting. At least, I think so!