Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Is For Art

This shadow box is a work in progress. It is made from a candy box lid, cardboard, gesso and acrylic paint. This is one of my many icons that I use in my political art. Mother & Child: A Shadow Box is nearly finished. I had put it to the side while I worked on other things. Now it is time to finish it.


Summer said...

Dear Mr. Moneythoughts ~

This gave me a new perspective on our relationship with Colonial Imperialism. I think we tend to forget our "roots" and putting us on our Mother's lap in this fashion is so beautifully cynical. Delightful!

Thank you.


moneythoughts said...

Glad you like it. This icon was first used in a painting going back to the late 1980s and was exhibited first in Covington, KY and then Chicago in the spring of 1992. It has, for me, more to do with fitting in, if you are not a member of the majority's religious beliefs, and yet you want to fit in, because you think you are a good American. One should not have to be a Christian to be a good American!!!