Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Is For Sunflowers

The sunflower batch is coming along. We continue to have plenty of rain, and when it doesn't rain, I water them. The flower in the early stages is an interesting study in lines and greens. Hopefully by next Sunday there may be some sunflowers with their burst of colors.


Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Dear Fred,
The photos are so clear and beautiful. I look forward to watching their and your progress.

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Jientje said...

Oh wow, they have grown quite a lot since last week, I scrolled down to the previous series to compare. I love the angle of that last shot, I'm a girl who likes to look at flowers from downside up, I do that all the time!

moneythoughts said...

Seeking Alpha!!! Yes, we all know what alpha is, or do we? I will take a look at it.

The sunflowers are coming along very nicely while I work on the wood windows that will hold the MDO plywood that I will paint on. For the last few days I have been stripping the old paint off the wood windows frames. I need to get out a ladder soon to take a few shots at their level.

moneythoughts said...

Jientje, we have had just great weather for growing flowers. I have no green thumb. However, I have had great success with my cone flowers (the pink ones) and now the sunflowers are coming up so nice. It seems like it rains a little every other day, and when it doesn't I water them myself. I am all caught up in this patch of sunflowers. More photos next Sunday.