Friday, July 24, 2009

Responsible Republicans: Read This

I am busy today with other things, but I want to make a few comments about the craziness that is on TV. This talk about President Obama not being an American citizen is just plain crap, but it is also dangerous in my opinion. The Republicans had better not play with fire because when the wind changes direction they can get burned badly too. The responsible and level headed elder statesmen of the Republican party need to smother this because if it continues, it may come to no good. I repeat, the direction of the wind may change and those playing with fire may find themselves burned badly. Think of the good of the whole country, and let us play by the rules. Obama was elected by the majority of the people. He is an American citizen born in Hawaii to an American mother from Kansas. He is by our laws an American citizen. Smart Republicans, listen to me, winds change direction with little notice, put out this fire now.


moneythoughts said...

Butch, I apologize for putting my response here, but I could not get on my on blog to comment on that post.

I do not know much, if anything, about VAR (value at risk). It is a term I don't use. I understand the concept.

As for Goldman getting favorable treatment, I think Matt Tiabbi made the case for that fact. Their alums are all over the government, and in positions that make critical decisions. Goldman is a big player, and they never stop playing. The whistle never blows when Goldman is on the field. Transparency would be nice, but in Goldman's case don't expect it. They got a big pay day when AIG was bailed out.

These guys play for keeps, and they play dirty. They will sell you shit at the price of gold, and do it with a straight face. Only one thing counts, winning, and that is measured by how much money they make.

A defense corner in football may hold a jersey, grab a face mask, or even trip a receiver, but usually an official will throw a flag if they see it. In Goldman's case, there is no one to throw a flag or blow a whistle. Score is the only thing that matters to them.

Summer said...

Well put, moneythoughts!

It's turning into a Circus, with the help of the media. The Republicans need a better Ringmaster than they now have. We can only hope that cooler heads prevail.



Anonymous said...

I’m not a Dem or a GOP, not sure what party. I suppose I’m of the unclaimed party. I was watching Rush Loudmouth on Fox, because in order to get any sense of centerline on a story I have to bounce back and forth between CNN and Fox to get the point-counter-point; was Jackson murdered, is Jackson still alive, and has he and Palin really gone to Argentina to evade the paparazzi and who really cares? So I’m watching Rush yammer on about The Obby One and was thinking, this is the limit of decency and good taste. Who in their right minds would want to join a political party whose leadership Babel-on in mindless chatter like vagRANTS on thorazine in front of liquor store?

You know what they do to vagrants don’t you? Law enforcement gives them a one way bus ticket to Las Vegas.

winslow said...

Rush was on the tube yesterday being interviewed......
I hate to make this analogy....but it's almost like Hitler getting the masses in an uproar. He hates Obama so much and he says it directly. When Bush was president, as bad as he was, most opponents did not openly deride him as president. Now there is a person, and a news network, that will debase the president on EVERY occasion (to an extreme).

Rush is 100% against the proposed health care changes. Hell, maybe I would be too if I had several hundred million, health insurance of my choice, access to any doctor I wanted. Rush wants people to be able to choose........that's great if you can get affordable insurance. Of course, he had no answer for the person with cancer that was laid off and has no insurance. Hey, that's the American way!

moneythoughts said...

The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin is perhaps a book that needs to be re-read. Yes, we are a long long ways from the period when he wrote it, but as a somewhat historian of American Social & Intellectual History, I think it is time we all read this book again.

A loyal opposition is very important to a democracy. In 1917, Russia had no tradition of a loyal opposition, and so they went on to the Revolution of 1918.

Republicans, and I am speaking about those that can think beyond the next election, need to realize that the fabric of our nation is not fire proof. Enough said.