Thursday, August 20, 2009

Barney Frank Was Right: FOX NEWS Is Wrong

The above link is to a story about a woman who asks Barney Frank, at a town hall meeting, why he supports Obama's Nazi policies. Frank answers her question with a questions and says, "on what planet do you spend most of your time?" It is about time Democrats stop treating such nonsense with respect. This tiny population of idiots are portrayed as if they are intelligent individuals. FOX News commented that Representative Frank should have treated the woman with more respect. Personally, I am happy to see one Democrat stand up for what is right and put down the lunatic fringe. As for the news people on FOX, I would like to take each one on with a padded stick at both ends, the kind I trained with in the U.S. Army 45 years ago to stimulate bayonet training, and try to knock some sense into their thick heads. They can disagree with Obama and his policies, but to defend a woman who compares Obama to Hitler is just plain nonsense. Stating that she should have had her question treated with respect, only shows how uneducated and morally depraved they are. Hitler and Nazism is not something to be tossed around lightly. Any decent person, that knows their history, knows that this is a piece of history, for many, that is so serious and filled with such suffering, that it is off limits to such nonsense. This woman did not deserve to be taken seriously, she got what she deserved.

They can put Rupert Murdock to the front of the line, as I would like to knock some sense into his head first. Rupert and FOX news need to get real and raise their level of news reporting.

Stay tuned.


LceeL said...

Fox 'News'? NEWS? Fox doesn't know the meaning of the word. Fair and Balanced? Fair to whom and balanced by what? It's one thing to be a Conservative, it's quite another to spout the lies and distortions of others - rhetoric you've heard but have no way of understanding. The problem is that these people are dangerous - and they have no idea why.

winslow said...

The Fox mentality is what moves them along. I saw this when Bush was campaigning. Kerry was labeled as unpatriotic...even though he was a soldier with at least 2 tours of duty..and volunteered to go back. The Republican propaganda machine was able to turn this around, even though no one in that administration was EVER in the armed forces.
We've lost the ability to decipher right and wrong in this country and now the political propaganda is comparable to former communist regimes.
I don't have good vibes about the furure of this country.