Friday, August 7, 2009

Despite Your Hard Wired Limitations...

Friday, and I think I will give it a rest. A rest about writing about our domestic economy and all those interesting pieces that make it what it is. The political debate from the right is disappointing. There is nothing wrong with good political debate about policy or changes in policy, but the level of "debate" with regards to the Obama administration's policies by the right is not healthy. Calling President Obama a Hitler, or trying to find similarities between the Nazis and his administration is nonsense and dangerous. People that draw such parallels do not know their history, or, are liars with no regard for the truth, or what is good for this country. Let us debate our differences of ideas, but let us maintain a level of decency and intellectual substance. Not everyone can be a liberal, and that is acceptable, but on the other hand, do not let those you listen to turn your brain into mush. Read and think, despite your hard wired limitations, you may surprise yourself at how analytical you can become.

Have a safe weekend.

Stay tuned.


LceeL said...

Hitler? Nazis? Where have these complainants been for the last eight years? When we REALLY HAD an administration leaning in that direction.

But you know - that's the right-wing, Republican playbook - always objectify, gather everything together under one blanket identity - and then vilify that identity.

Glad to see they haven't changed their tactics - at least then they are recognizable.

Jientje said...

Comparing Obama to Hitler?
Now really!

What are they on? Zyclon?

Maybe I'm just a European, who does not understand much about politics, except that it tends to get UGLY from time to time? But reading this makes me mad!

moneythoughts said...

Unfortunately, we have a very clever radio talk show personalty by the name of Rush Limbaugh. Yesterday it was reported on MSNBC that Rush had compared Obama to Hitler, etc. etc. This is very bad stuff, but in the USA we have 1st amendment rights known as freedom of speech. The sad part is that his followers, called Ditto Heads, don't know enough history to know how laughable his statements are. The right wing in this country can become very dangerous because we also have a 2nd amendment that gives people the right to own guns. The combination of our 1st and 2nd amendments can produce real tragedy in the hands of unstable individuals.

There are many in the USA who, like myself, are not happy with Rush Limbaugh's language or conduct, but we have to put up with him and others like him until he crosses the line. Free speech doesn't mean you can holler FIRE in a theatre, and Rush is coming very close, in my opinion, to doing that.

Jientje said...

Thank you. So sad.

Butch said...

Speaking of Rush and Mr. Cheney, where have they been lately. It is like someone told them to tone it down. Just a few weeks ago you couldn't turn the news on without one of them being shown spouting off.

Have they been sensored by their party?

Summer Smith said...

Unfortunately, people like Rush Limbaugh & Co. do have "hard wired limitations!" You have provided a restrained enumeration of the dangers they pose. The minute you can get people to abandon rationality by appealing to their fears, you get to hi-jack them into whatever mindset suits your purpose. These Neanderthals are hollering fire in a crowded theater because they want the stampede! They're hard-wired for insanity!


winslow said...

The America I grew up with is not the same.

moneythoughts said...

History has shown that during economic hard times people can be manipulated to hate and fear that which they do not fully understand. The fear mongering has happened before, and it is happening again. I am not happy with absence of substantive debate of the issues. Fear, like fire, can get out of control and due a lot of damage. Good leaders would not sit back or fan the flames of such dangerous behavior.