Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Is For Art

The above "canvases" are the prepared surfaces that I plan to paint my sunflowers. Several are old wood windows that I have collected. I removed the glass and stripped the paint. Then I cut 1/2 inch MDO plywood to replace the glass. The plywood is held in place by a few brads. Then I cover the front a back with gesso to give me a prepared surface to paint. If I was a minimalist artist, in some circles, I might be considered done. (For minimalist artist check out Ellsworth Kelly, a very successful American painter.) But, for me, I am just getting started. I thought those interested might like to see the "canvases" before I start to paint. The second picture is an old frame I found, and the last picture is a cabinet door. I will not try to explain why I enjoy taking old wood windows and use them to either frame my art work, or, in this case paint on. My next step is to develop drawings on brown wrapping paper, the size of the canvases, before transferring them to the surfaces.


Summer Smith said...

It's neat that you share your creative processes with your readers. First, we saw the beatiful photos (preview of things to come), next, you demonstrate the care (and love) with which you prepare your canvases, and now we wait to be surprised and delighted by your creations.

Quite a show with more to come. :O)

Thanks for sharing!


Jientje said...

That first one could inspire me too. I think if I was the artist, I would show different stages of a sunflower on that one. But I'm not and I'm sure you'll come up with something much more original. I like how you recycle old windows and cabinet doors to paint on. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

moneythoughts said...

Great minds flow in the same river! Funny that you should suggest that. I was thinking along those lines, so we will see what happens.