Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Final Dumbing Down Of America

I have been watching and listening to TV and in particular, the health care "debate". Not much of a debate when you have people screaming at each other. Our society needs a dose of civility very badly. The dumbing down of America is complete. And, what we see of the health care "debate" only reinforces my opinion. Those that are clever and with money to spend, can mobilize people to turn what should be a serious debate into a circus of clowns.

Moneythoughts attempts to explain what has happened here in the United States with regards to money and banking, investment securities, securitzation of mortgages and other bundles of debt, the credit rating agencies, monetary policy, the mortgage-backed bond market meltdown, the inelasticity of the price of gas, the financial crisis and finally, the economic crisis that followed. There are a few followers and perhaps a few others that read these posts. But, the number of people making up shit about what is in the health care legislation is overwhelming. How can we expect to bring about change in the financial and investment sectors of our economy when there are so many people shouting things like "death committees" to deny care to the elderly? The accusations by the rowdies are too much to believe. The politicians that exploit this nonsense are playing with fire with little or no regard for the theater we all are in. Health care and its costs need to be contained. And, the best way to contain them is to offer a government health care plan as another option. You don't see anyone burning their Medicare card?

The great inventions of talk radio and FOX TV have been the catalyst to the final dumbing down of America. Travel across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans moves both ways, and it would not surprise me to see smart people pack their things and moving away from the crazy shit that goes on in this country, and that passes for enlightenment. I need to get back to my sunflower drawings.

Stay tuned.

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Butch said...

You would think that as important the subject of health care is to everyone that these character assassins would shut up and let people hear what needs to be said. There could be a day that they or someone in their family would be in need of making an informed decision and they are currently keeping them and many more from hearing this information.

I would lay odds that they are the same ones that started rumors about John McCain to help destroy his running for office.